The aerosol is a system of solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas environment.

The aerosol extinguishers (AE) offer a unique method of fire-fighting using a ultra-fine dispersion of an extinguishing agent generated by vaporisation and subsequent condensation, virtually smoke.

AEs are potential replacements for Halon and offer significant advantages in relation to size, cost and weight. They are environment friendly and do not cause damage to the ozone layer.

As can be used on CLASS A, B and C fires.

The aerosol system is suitable for putting out fires of combustible oils (gasoline, diesel and other products of petroleum refining, organic solvents, etc.), solid materials (wood, composite materials, plastic materials and others), even in the presence of electrical installations aimed at providing power, high voltages, industrial electronics and household systems, even live.

The extinguishing agent that is dispensed is in the form of aerosol composed of solid particles of alkaline metal oxides and sulphates.

The aerosol is of course not suitable for putting out alkaline substances and the like as well as substances which burn without air.


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