The IG 55 system is a total flooding system that uses a mixture of Argon and Nitrogen normally present in the atmosphere, in a 1:1 ratio. The mixture acts on the fire by decreasing the oxygen concentration in the protected area to a value that prevents combustion, without affecting the safety of the staff present. The system has no environmental impact, no impact on the depletion of the ozone layer (ODP = 0 and GWP = 0).


Fire extinguishers

The system is ideal for areas occupied by personnel, in fact, the it combines efficient fire extinguishing with staff safety, it is used for the protection of archives, museums, libraries and any other space containing valuable objects, it is also used where there are electrical hazards or hazards caused by flammable and combustible gas. The wide range of cylinder capacities from 30 l to 140 l, pressurised to 200-300 bar, ensures the amount of gas required for the flooding of any volume of space.

The use of the 300 bar cylinders, of a diameter similar to the 200 bar cylinders, allows space and thus cost to be reduced to a minimum, the number of cylinders is reduced as well as the system installation and maintenance times. The systems can be modular or centralised according to your needs; the use of pneumatic directional valves means the gas discharge can be directed offering flexibility for each system.

The IG 55 system distribution piping runs from the battery manifold to the protected room, where it branches out in the ceiling and under the floor, allowing the gas to be spread as evenly as possible through the nozzles.

The pipes are sized by hydraulic calculation that allows the required amount of gas to be discharged from each nozzle. The distribution networks are made of ASTM sch. 40 galvanised steel pipes, the fittings used are in ASA 3000 forged steel.

The cylinders are TPED (Directive 99/36 / EC) certified, the valves PED (97/23 / EC), the systems are designed according to the main design standards. The system is designed according to the ISO and NFPA national and international standards.


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