HFC 125 is the extinguishing agent alternative to

HFC-125 systems; it is an effective and excellent extinguishing agent for total flooding systems, in the case of surface fires and risks from combustion of solid materials. The system protects the areas ​​without posing any risk to the staff present, for exposures of up to five minutes at a concentration of 11.5% (PBPK physiologically based pharmacokinetic model parameters). HFC 125 is distributed quickly, leaves no residue after use and is ideal for the protection of computer rooms, archives and environments with high historical content.

The extinguishing effect is due to the ability to absorb heat, acting chemically on the combustion reaction, it is designed for use at concentrations of 8% for fires of class A, 11.3% for fires of class B, with a discharge rate of 10'. HFC 125 has a small amount of an additive called d-limonene (15% by weight) which reduces the products created during combustion.


fire prevention systems

The systems provide an excellent cost / benefit ratio, because they require a smaller amount of gas compared to other fire extinguishing systems and a reduced number of cylinders.

The system ensures a considerable space saving thanks to a compact system, which reduces to a minimum the overall dimensions and the burden on facilities.

It is the only system that allows partial use of HCFC gas systems and allows free disposal of gas replaced with HFC 125 and a listed UL (Underwriters Laboratories) system. The wide range gas cylinders with capacities from 5 litres to 120 litres, pressurised to 42 bar ensures the right amount of gas required for saturating any volume of space. The fast flow valves are PED certified (Directive 97/23 / EC). The system is designed according to the ISO and NFPA national and international standards.


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