Fire Suppression System at Gas HFC-227ea

HFC-227ea is an excellent extinguishing agent, which can be used for a wide range of applications, from electrical risk environments to industrial ones, from archives, to environments of high historical value.

HFC-227ea or heptafluoropropane is suitable for both class A and class B fires, it is a total flooding system, the extinguishing effect is due to the dual ability to have a chemical effect on the combustion process and absorb thermal energy. It is a clean gas which leaves no residue after discharge (10 '').

The system is safe and suitable for use in non-staffed areas, studies done in agreement with the PBPK (physiologically based pharmacokinetic model) model have shown that it is safe for humans at exposures not greater than 5' at a concentration of 10.5%.


fire extinguishers

The HFC-23 systems require a minimum quantity of extinguishing agent, when compared with other fire extinguishing systems, a smaller number of cylinders, reduced space and consequently a reduction in costs and installation time.

The systems can be modular or centralised, battery installations are ideal for the protection of large areas. HFC-227ea cylinders are available with different capacities, making the system more flexible and adaptable to different combinations.

Systems can be implemented that operate at a maximum working pressure of 40 bar or systems that operate at 75 bar, recommended pipes comply with ASTM / ANSI B.36.10.XS (Sch 40) standards. HFC-227ea systems are designed in accordance with ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001.


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