Fire Suppression System at Gas HFC-23

HFC-23 is an excellent extinguishing agent that can be used for a wide range of applications, from high risk environments to industrial ones, from archives to environments with high historical value. It is odourless, colourless, non-conductive and leaves no residue after use.

It is a total flooding system, suitable for surface fires and risks arising from the combustion of solid materials; the extinguishing effect of HFC-23 is due to the dual ability to have a chemical effect on the combustion process and absorb energy. The system is safe and suitable for use even in staffed areas, the discharge rate is 10".

Given its low density compared to other chemical gases, its extinguishing efficiency was tested in environments with ceilings up to 7.5 metres high.


extinguishing agent

The HFC-23 systems require a minimum quantity of extinguishing agent, when compared with other fire extinguishing systems, a smaller number of cylinders, reduced space and consequently a reduction in costs and installation time.

The systems can be modular or centralised, battery installations are ideal for the protection of large areas. HFC-23 cylinders are available with different capacities from 5 litres up to 120 litres, the systems offer great flexibility and adaptability to different combinations.

The systems operate with a maximum working pressure of 137 bar, the pipes are in accordance with ASTM / ANSI B.36.10.XS up to •" Sch 40, for larger diameters Sch80. The system is in accordance with ISO Standard 14520-1: 2006, NFPA 2001-2004.


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