The extinguishing agent NovecTM 1230

The extinguishing agent NovecTM 1230 has physical and chemical action. NovecTM 1230 is widely used around the world and, because of its environmental properties, it has become the extinguishing agent of choice for managing risks in IT and electrical applications in many countries.

NovecTM 1230 is indicated for fire classes A, B and C and is used as a total flood agent. It is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive and therefore does not cause damage such as short circuits or leave residues on delicate components. It is colourless, practically odourless and it is in the liquid state at normal ambient temperature. Its molecule consists of carbon, fluorine and oxygen. NovecTM 1230 eliminates flames by interrupting the combustion reaction.

An extinguishing agent with a guaranteed future

As manufacturer of the extinguishing agent NovecTM 1230, the 3M company has developed 3M Blue Sky Warranty: If in future the extinguishing agent is banned or its use is limited because of its effect on the ozone layer or global warming, 3M will reimburse the purchase costs incurred. People safety

People safety

NovecTM 1230 has an outstanding safety factor, achieving the NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level - Level at which no harmful effects are detected) of 10%. When used to protect IT environments this safety factor is 78% - measured for the release concentration of 5.6% in accordance with DIN ISO 14520-5. This is another reason why the fire protection working group of the Employers' Liability Insurance Associations confirms that NovecTM 1230 is a safe extinguishing gas, particularly suitable for areas frequented by people. In its plan for new and alternative extinguishing agents (SNAP Program = Significant New Alternatives Policy Program), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA = Environmental Protection Agency) certifies NovecTM 1230 as harmless when used as flood fire extinguishing agent in areas where people are present.

Fire extinguishing system dimarca November 1230

  • Highly compatible with the environment
  • An extinguishing agent whose future use is protected by the "Blue Sky Warranty" of 3MTM
  • System design is optimised by the professional calculation software EI MX 1230
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Rapid extinguishing effect
  • Outstanding safety for use in occupied areas
  • Leaves no extinguishing agent residue, it is not corrosive or electrically conductive
  • It can operate at higher pressures than comparable systems, so as to have:
  • Longer pipes and ability to design assorted systems
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Approved system (VDS)
  • Extinguishing agent approved and recognised worldwide
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