DI.MARCA organises courses for training staff working in the Oil & Gas sector on onshore and offhore installations with IMO certification and approval International Maritime Organization, Coremi and UMNIG. The training includes basic courses and specialised courses for emergency response personnel on offshore platforms and onshore sites. Training and qualifications for staff on the Helideck and lifeboat captains, i.e. those authorised to run the rescue vessel, are also conducted.

We also train the managers and security guards on the drilling or hydrocarbon extraction rigs according to Legislative Decree 624:

  • Course for supervisors on drilling and hydrocarbon extraction rigs Legislative Decree 624
  • H2S prevention protection course basic (8 hours)
  • H2S prevention protection course advanced (16 hours)
  • Accident Prevention (8 hours)
  • Supervision for entry into closed and confined spaces (8 hours)
  • Work permits (8 hours)
  • Oil & Gas supervision (16 hours)
  • Fire prevention team command and coordination (8 hours)
  • Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (4 days)
  • Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (3 days)
  • HDA Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (3.5 days)
  • INITIAL HLO Helicopter Landing Officer (2.5 days)
  • Survival and rescue at sea
  • Equipping heliports for offshore
  • Basic Offshore H2S (4 hours)
  • Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain (3.5 days).
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