Preassembled fire prevention systems

One of the main services offered by DI. M.A.R.C.A. is the assembly and containerisation of systems so as to provide customers with easy to install, tested systems that ensure a considerable saving on space due to their compact size.


  • Water mist and gas fire extinguishing systems in a container
  • Container with booster units
  • Skid water mist systems in cylinders
  • Skid sprinkler valves
  • Skid foam / water systems
  • Skid gas extinguishing systems
  • Cabinet gaseous extinguishing systems
  • Cabinet sprinkler valves.


  • All systems supplied have been hydraulically and electrically pre-tested
  • Reduced testing time after installation on site
  • All components work properly, no last minute surprises
  • Adjustments are made on site
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Easy assembly
  • AISI operation, corrosion resistant and long-lasting
  • Electrical panel assembled on board skid


DI.MARCA is able to transform a normal truck which is already part of the customer's fleet into a vehicle for fire prevention use, with foam, powder, water systems, etc. The vehicle is completely autonomous and able to act on various types of fire, thus avoiding the burden of purchasing a new fire engine on the budget of the corporate customer, this represents a saving of around 60% on the purchase of a new vehicle.

Fire prevention vehicles
Fire prevention vehicles
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